We have a problem

Broken Crystal Goblet with Shards of Glass Breaking Away from the Stem

In Romans 6:23, Paul points out that our sins have separated us from God. If that was the end of the story there would be no hope, we would be doomed. But God has a purpose for us. His purpose according to John 10:10, is for us to have peace and for us to have a life. To fulfill His purposes He came up with a plan, that’s the good news. According to Romans 5:8, His plan was to send His son Jesus to pay the price for sin. Right now you may be wondering what you need to do. Romans 10:9 gives us the answer. Confess Jesus as Lord, and place your faith in Him. Maybe you think that God couldn’t love someone like you. I’ve been there. But he promised us in Romans 10:13 that everyone who calls on His name will be saved. Today is your day of freedom. Jesus is waiting for you.